Maidstone Osteopathic Practice

Osteopathy for the whole family in Maidstone, Kent.

Welcome to your local Maidstone Osteopaths.

Our osteopath clinic is located very close to Maidstone in Loose, within the Maidstone YMCA, which provides a comfortable yet professional environment and ample free parking.

The clinic has five osteopaths, Gemma Dawson, Emmanuel Merot, Lily Pearl, Louise Fields and Kelly Walker-Brown. All our practitioners use similar approaches to treatment and offer a full range of services using a variety of techniques such as soft tissue massage, manipulation, cranial, visceral and muscle energy technique making the practice very versatile at treating many ailments.

Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. Osteopathy uses a holistic approach to look at the whole body to aid relief of the patient’s symptoms. Osteopathy is complementary to mainstream medicine.

Osteopathy is suitable for the entire family; babies, children and adults and the older generation, even expectant mothers. Osteopathy does not only focus on the back it is concerned with the whole body from shoulders to knees, elbows to the toes. Osteopathy can also help to improve the following;

Family osteopathy treatment and services
  • Arthritic pains
  • Muscle spasms
  • Neck and back ache
  • Joint pain
  • Whiplash
  • Neck related headaches
  • Minor sports injuries

Many other conditions can be helped with treatment,
please contact us for more information.



“I found it very interesting what you found and how you treated each part of me. It has made me more mobile and I don't spasm half as much as I did. And I love the fact that it actually worked. Feeling the difference was amazing.” Ms Fiddes Kent
“I had never been to an Osteopath before so had not real pre conceived ideas. Emmanuel I can say is supremely professional and very aware of the catalogue of ailments I take to him. As a martial arts instructor I get several contact injuries and ligament stress and I have to say that the exercises and treatments Emmanuel has given me have dramatically helped me keeping fit week after week.
It has also helped with a long term lower back problem which has all but dissipated now due to the continued treatment and the awareness he gave to me on how I sit at my desk as this was a factor.
I have already and will continue to recommend Emmanuel to friends.”
Stuart Kent
“I cannot recommend highly enough the quality of care received at Maidstone Osteopathic Practice. The depth of subject knowledge, and effectiveness of therapy is second to none. Gemma is particularly intuitive during treatment sessions and was able to detect lesser problems ( such as blocked sinuses) without my ever having mentioned it! I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone in need of turning an oooh into an ahhhhhh! Thank you for an excellent experience all round.” Mrs Ealden Maidstone, Kent
“ I have found the course of treatments very beneficial. I had a few ailments in my lower back and neck which have dramatically improved since my first appointment and have found the advice given to be extremely helpful, particularly in regards to stretching during sport activities.” Sharlene Kent
“After a serious horse riding accident 20 years ago I was left with a series of back issues that caused problems for my entire body. I have been in Traction and seen many Chiropractors and whilst I would have some degree of temporary relief I never felt quite right. I was advised to see Gemma at the Maidstone Osteopathic Practice to help with neck pain that was causing headaches and even problems with my knees and from my first visit I can honestly say my back has never felt as good and it's getting better with each visit. ...cont.” Mrs H Maidstone, Kent
“... Gemma has been able to isolate each underlying issue and deal with it gently and without force, allowing me to get on with my life. My husband is now a convert and we are both incredibly grateful to Gemma and her practice.” Mrs H Maidstone, Kent

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